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Book Thinking Like a Physicist, Physics Problems for Undergraduates By N.Thompson PDF

Author :  N.Thompson

Pages : 154

Years : 1987

ISBN : 0852745133, 9780852745137

Language : English

This unique collection of problems and solutions, selected from examination and tutorial questions used in the University of Bristol, is the first book of its kind to address the ‘art’ of problem solving in a truly constructive manner.

The reader is encouraged to apply basic physical principles, judicious assumptions and approximations, and simplified ‘models’ of complex situations, and to consider the limitations of the resulting solutions – in short to ‘think like a physicist‘. The problems are taken from all branches of the subject, but most deal with topics that are essentially elementary, and should therefore be accessible to first and final-year undergraduates alike.

The inclusion of a full set of solutions ensures that the student cannot become ‘lost’ in a problems, and can therefore avoid much of the frustration associated with problem solving ‘in the dark’.

Students who use this book will no longer be faced with the feeling of helplessness – even despair – experienced upon opening an examination paper and being confronted with a seemingly impenetrable set of questions, apparently designed to foil even the the most diligent and attentive of pupils.

They will no longer complain ‘They didn’t tell us that in lectures; how were we supposed to know that?’ and will be confident when faced with problems outside their direct experience. As a teaching and learning aid, this book will prove to be an invaluable acquisition for lecturers and students in physics and the physical sciences, and should therefore not be missed.

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