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More Than 1000 formulas Trigonometry to solve the problems

In Trigonometry, different types of problems can be solved using trigonometry formulas. These problems may include trigonometric ratios (sin, cos, tan, sec, cosec and cot), Pythagorean identities, product identities, etc. Some formulas including the sign of ratios in different quadrants, involving co-function identities (shifting angles), sum & difference identities, double angle identities, half-angle identities, etc. are also given in brief here.

Learning and memorizing these mathematics formulas in trigonometry will help the students of Class 10, 11, and 12 to score good marks in this concept. They can find the trigonometry table along with inverse trigonometry formulas to solve the problems based on them.

Trigonometry Formulas PDF

Below is the link given to download the pdf format of Trigonometry formulas for free so that students can learn them offline too.

Download Trigonometry Formulas here

Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with triangles. Trigonometry is also known as the study of relationships between lengths and angles of triangles.

There is an enormous number of uses of trigonometry and its formulae. For example, the technique of triangulation is used in Geography to measure the distance between landmarks; in Astronomy, to measure the distance to nearby stars and also in satellite navigation systems.

Trigonometry Formulas List

Basic Trigonometric Function Formulas

Reciprocal Identities

All these are taken from a right angled triangle. When height and base side of the right triangle are known, we can find out the sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, and cotangent values using trigonometric formulas. The reciprocal trigonometric identities are also derived by using the trigonometric functions.

Trigonometry Table

Periodicity Identities (in Radians)

All trigonometric identities are cyclic in nature. They repeat themselves after this periodicity constant. This periodicity constant is different for different trigonometric identities. tan 45° = tan 225° but this is true for cos 45° and cos 225°. Refer to the above trigonometry table to verify the values.

Co-function Identities

Sum and Difference Identities

Double Angle Identities

Triple Angle Identities

Half Angle Identities

Product Identities

Sum to Product Identities

Inverse Trigonometry Formulas

Trigonometry Formulas Major systems

All trigonometric formulas are divided into two major systems:

  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Trigonometric Ratios

Trigonometric Identities are formulas that involve Trigonometric functions. These identities are true for all values of the variables. Trigonometric Ratio is known for the relationship between the measurement of the angles and the length of the sides of the right triangle.

Here we provide a list of all Trigonometry formulas for the students. These formulas are helpful for the students in solving problems based on these formulas or any trigonometric application. Along with these, trigonometric identities help us to derive the trigonometric formulas, if they will appear in the examination.

We also provided the basic trigonometric table pdf that gives the relation of all trigonometric functions along with their standard values. These trigonometric formulae are helpful in determining the domain, range, and value of a compound trigonometric function. Students can refer to the formulas provided below or can also download the trigonometric formulas pdf that is provided above.

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