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This Asteroid Is One Of The Most Likely To Hit Earth

NASA recalculates the odds of asteroid Bennu striking Earth, and now China would like to tear it apart! Wil it strike earth?

September 24, 2023, Utah desert, United States: a bright trail crosses the sky. No, it is not a meteor, but a small capsule that a few minutes earlier has been released from an interplanetary probe that has crossed the Earth ten thousand kilometers away. A group of Nasa researchers and Air Force soldiers immediately rushed to collect the capsule containing it. It might sound like the plot of a science fiction film, but it is what will happen in the near future, when the NASA probe Osiris-Rex will deliver to our doorstep some dust collected a year earlier on the surface of the asteroid Bennu.

The mission of Osiris-Rex, one of the most ambitious of recent times for NASA, had begun in 2016 with the launch from Earth which was followed by a long journey of hundreds of millions of kilometers to reach Bennu in 2018, an asteroid, which has a mass estimated at around 70 million tons and a maximum diameter of 565 meters.
In late October 2020, the probe had maneuvered to approach Bennu and touch it for about five seconds with its mechanical arm.

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