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The Universe Is Way Bigger Than You Think

In 1609, something magical happened.  It was a clear night, and the sky was beautiful. The stars were shining and sparkling as they always had, but something was about to change.

Galileo Galilei had heard that some Dutch spectacles had made a curious optical instrument: a tube fitted at the ends with two lenses, looking through which distant objects appeared closer.

As soon as he knew the construction details, Galileo dedicated himself to perfecting the instrument, managing in a few months to increase its magnification power.

However, it was towards the autumn of 1609 that Galileo performed a truly extraordinary act: driven by scientific curiosity, he directed his perfected instrument towards the sky: the known stars revealed unexpected features, and new stars were added to those of the old Ptolemaic Cosmos.

Galileo immediately understood the inestimable value of his telescopic discoveries and how they formed new observational bases to promote the Copernican doctrine on the motion of the Earth.

One of the first things Galileo noticed was that he counted an enormous number of stars, much bigger than he thought it would be, much bigger than a human would have been able to conceive.

This powerful instrument basically unlocked an updated version of our universe, offering us a new perspective, and eventually changing our vision and understanding.

Forever  Today, we are used to telescope images and we know that the universe is really big, but at that time it represented a huge discovery: the stars that we could access with a small telescope were much more than the ones we could see by the naked eye.

Some years later, scientists discovered that actually the universe is ultimately made of agglomerates of stars, called galaxies and that we live in one of them: the Milky Way.

And as Galileo discovered that the universe was much bigger than HE thought, they discovered that it was much bigger than THEY thought. But how big is it?

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1.3k shares, 290 points

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