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Accidental “WARP BUBBLE” discovery by DARPA-funded researchers opens the door to faster-than-light travel.

For the first time ever, a group of researchers has discovered a warping bubble, or “warp bubble,” that can be used with the Alcubierre engine’s equations to travel faster than light without deviating from Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

It is a remarkable finding that might bring us, in the still very distant future, but considerably closer than yesterday, to other star systems. According to the theory underlying that engine, developed in the 1990s by Mexican mathematician Miguel Alcubierre, a spaceship may go faster than the speed of light by bending space, making it wider behind the ship and narrower at its bow. The effective distance between the two places is reduced in this manner, allowing the spacecraft to cross that distance more quickly than a photon moving through unwarped space.
an ultra-small bubble

The researchers accidentally discovered the bubble while working on an unrelated project for DARPA, the Pentagon’s advanced technology agency. That first experiment, which is still in progress, is looking at the viability of obtaining energy from a phenomena known as a Casimir cavity. This phenomenon explains the attraction between metallic objects that are just a very little distance apart. According to quantum field theory, an imbalance in the vibrational modes of certain metallic elements causes oscillations in the quantum vacuum within that range. The plates start to move closer to one another as a result of this imbalance, which produces a quantifiable force that is not gravitational.

The DARPA team’s investigation revealed the curvature bubble.

However, the study contends that the bubble is unrelated to the Casimir cavity in theory. The Boundless Space Institute team, led by Dr. Harold G. “Sonny” White, discovered a structure that resembled the warp bubble during one of the experiments to study the Casimir cavity phenomena.

They found a structure at the micro/nanoscale that predicts a negative energy density distribution that closely resembles the specifications of the Alcubierre metric while conducting an analysis for a DARPA-funded project to assess the potential structure of the energy density present in a Casimir cavity, as predicted by the dynamical vacuum model.

Dr. White said that what they have found is “a true warp bubble, albeit modest and small,” and not an analog of a warp bubble in an email conversation with The Debrief blog. The scientist, who for many years served as the group leader for NASA Eagleworks research, declared that this discovery is extremely significant and creates the prospect of previously unthinkable future practical applications.

White worked with NASA’s advanced propulsion research division, Eagleworks, to find solutions to the enormous power consumption issues that Alcubierre’s equations raised. His work was able to lessen these energy requirements and offered for the first time a potential answer, allowing mankind to travel to other star systems, something that is currently only imaginable in science fiction shows like “Star Trek.”

If ever theory and technology are able to advance to the point where materials are strong enough and energy demands are controllable. That is yet millennia away for the time being.

This highlights the significance of this unintentional discovery, which Dr. White previously discussed in a speech at the propulsion energy forum of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in August, but whose findings and conclusions have been reviewed and published in the academic journal “European Physical Journal.” They won’t continue looking into the curvature bubble as their next move. Despite how tempting it might seem, she insists that they must first complete the DARPA-funded study of the Casimir cavities.

A second experiment is suggested to strengthen the impact of the curvature bubble. (LSI)

But according to Dr. White, the next step is to create a nanoscopic spaceship, “a 1-micron-diameter spherical model positioned in the center of a four-micron-diameter cylinder,” to further explore this bubble of curvature. The Debrief said that the investigator chose not to elaborate because the Pentagon may designate the probe as a sensitive matter.

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