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Scientists BELIEVE Big Bang Was A White Hole

White Holes have been the missing piece of the Universe puzzle ever since Einstein proposed the Theory of General Relativity.

On paper, they are supposed to be the exact opposite of a black hole, at least in terms of time. While matter around a black hole cannot escape it and is destined to be devoured by the concerned cosmic goliath, matter around a white hole would not only be repelled by it but most likely originate from it.

This begs the question, what if the Big Bang was a supermassive white hole? And if so, what does this mean about the origin and expansion of the universe?

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  1. The big question is quasars. Some of them appear to have formed a few million years after the big bang. The current theory is that their incredible brilliance (trillions of times brighter than our sun) is the result of massive black holes gobbling up stars and other material which would give off the brilliant light as material is drawn into the black hole. The puzzling thing is, current theory says that black holes should not have formed that early in the history of the universe yet there they are. Astronomers are hoping that the James Webb Space Telescope will answer these questions.

  2. Who was the first speaker in the video? You cut him off before he had a chance to finish a very important point. I’d like to watch his entire presentation.

  3. maybe black hole in one universe gets big enough to suck in that entire universe ,becomes unstable becomes a white hole that creates another universe with a ” BIG BANG”

  4. Wouldn’t a Black Hole be an entrance to a Wormhole & the White Hole an exit point in another Universe?
    Isn’t that the way Everything is being created, from different Universes, to different Galaxies?
    Isn’t the Whole thing/Multiverse as much as we know for now, just connected via Wormholes so that it can keep on existing??