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How Nasa’s Artemis Program Works

Moon by 2024. NASA now ​​plans to place astronauts back on the moon via their Artemis program. But how exactly is it gonna work? What are the various programs involved within the Artemis program? In this video we are gonna talk all about that and more.
With its current Artemis program, NASA plans to send astronauts to the South Pole by 2024 and ultimately establish a permanent presence on the moon. In the Artemis program, the first woman and the first person of color will land on the moon, along with the first international astronauts to participate on the moon. The infrastructure for the program is huge, from an outpost on a space station to spacesuits, and from takeoff and landing equipment to commercial payloads.
SPACE LAUNCH SYSTEM- NASA’s Space Launch System is NASA’s heavy-lift rocket designed to carry people and cargo into the solar system.
THE LUNAR GATEWAY- The Gateway space station is the latest in a long evolution of the space station and basic space concepts for astronauts;
Shackleton Crater surface base- In 2012, scientists studying the Moon‘s South Pole Shackleton Crater in unprecedented detail identified abundant supplies of frozen water on the lunar surface of the region.
ARTEMIS SPACE SUITS– Well Spacesuits are an important aspect that you cannot ignore at all.

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