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Physicist claims Black Holes are gates to other universes, and we live in one of them

Space travel, black holes, multiverse theory, and other related concepts have become popular due to movies like Interstellar, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Nikodem Poplawski, a Polish theoretical physicist, proposes that the existence of black holes and a multiverse may not only be a fiction.

According to Nikodem’s theory, every black hole includes a brand-new universe. He declared, “Our entire universe may be contained within a black hole, which itself is a piece of another universe.”

He put out the hypothesis that every black hole has a significant bounce due to torsion, which results in the creation of a whole new universe. It even made National Geographic and Science Magazines’ list of the top 10 discoveries of 2010.

Black holes in the center of galaxies range in size from microscopic to supermassive. At the center of the Phoenix Galaxy cluster, which is 8.5 billion light years away, lies the largest black hole that has ever been found.

The event horizon has a diameter of 590 billion kilometers, and the black hole is approximately 100 billion times bigger than the sun. Its mass is around 10% that of the Milky Way galaxy.
Regardless of size, Nikodem asserts that black holes might serve as a portal to the multiverse. He says that a “baby universe” is “a distinct, closed spacetime branch with its own chronology.”

He also said that because it is located on the opposite side of the event horizon, the baby universe is always larger than the parent black hole. Similar to the Tardis from Doctor Who. As soon as you go inside the police box, you understand that you are inside of something far larger.

Nikodem also proposed that every black hole creates a baby universe inside it and becomes an Einstein-Rosen bridge (also known as a wormhole) that connects the parent universe to the baby universe in accordance with the Einstein-Cartan theory of gravity.

From the viewpoint of the infant universe, the parent universe is on the other side of the “white hole”. “A area of space that cannot be approached from the outside and which may be thought of as the temporal reversal of a black hole,” according to Nikodem, is what the white hole is.

Nikodem bases his hypothesis that our universe may be the inside of a black hole located in another parent universe on this notion.

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