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James Webb Telescope Just PROVED Stephen Hawkings Multiverse Theory!

Professor Stephen Hawking passed away before the James Webb Space Telescope was deployed, but because of the late physicist’s immense space legacy, certain hours of the new space telescope will be dedicated to verifying some of his ideas.

One of these hypotheses is the very last one Hawking worked on before his death, in which he debated a multiverse hypothesis that suggests an exact copy of you exists in a parallel world.

Sounds bizarre? Stephen Hawking’s multiverse theory, which many scientists disputed, has now been verified by none other than JWST itself.

But what’s Stephen Hawking’s multiverse hypothesis? What influence could it have on you? And how has the James Webb Space Telescope ultimately demonstrated the theory? Stay tuned as we walk you through all the answers, which will surprise you.

What exactly is the Multiverse? Have you ever wondered whether there are other intelligent organisms in the cosmos other than Earth? While it may not sound so terrifying, what if there are clones of you scattered all around the universe? This is a form that looks and acts just like you.

That may sound disturbing, but the notion is supported by one of the finest minds who has ever been involved in research – Stephen Hawking, the late professor.

According to the idea of multiverse, there may be duplicates of you out there that you are unaware of. A replica of this planet or star in the solar system, or the entire Milky Way galaxy, for example, can exist elsewhere.

Aside from these heavenly planets, your car, computer, or this video may also contain copies. Who is producing all of these copies, and how many copies are possible? The debate over whether there are parallel universes dates back to the 4th century BCE.

Epicurus, the ancient Greek philosopher, and Carl Sagan, whose public television series Cosmos introduced astronomical principles to a wide audience, were firmly on opposing sides of the dispute but had no observable detail on which to base their judgments.


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