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Do We Live In A Space-Time Continuum?

What is space-time composed of? As people of Earth we take space for granted. From our perspectives it’s a zone that occurs about 100 kilometres above the planet, where there is no air to breathe or scatter light. It’s just emptiness after that, right? Time also ticks on incessantly. 

One thing that physicists have learned over the past century is that space and time form a system of such staggering complexity that it might defy our understanding of reality. So, Let’s take a look at what spacetime is composed of? In this video.

Space is really big and also we don’t know much about the properties of spacetime itself. We know it warps and curves but what exactly is it made up of? Astronomers have worked out only 5 percent of the universe which consists of baryonic particles. The rest 95 percent is Dark matter and dark energy. We still don’t know anything about them apart from observing their effects. Space seems empty to us but that is not the case. The Observable universe is 46.5 Billion light years in diameter. The age of our universe is 13.8 Billion light years. We know all of this by observing all the light coming from the distant galaxies reaching as far as the big bang. The cosmic microwave background radiation is the afterglow of The Big bang which tells us about the early universe. Further, space is a vacuum, but that doesn’t mean it’s empty. Gas, interstellar dust and other bits of matter float around in the “emptier” areas of our universe, while the more crowded regions host planets, stars and galaxies. However we cannot be sure that our universe is the only one that exists. We don’t know what exists beyond the observable universe. But what is Dark energy? What is this mysterious force that makes up about 68% of our entire universe?

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