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Discovered First Planet That May Orbit In Triple Star System!

The Lambda Orionis Region is one of the most studied and best known star-forming regions in existence.

It is located near the star of the same name, in the “head” of the hunter represented by the Constellation of Orion.
And right there, among the hundreds of forming stars, there is also GW Orionis, a system in which just in these last months we may have found the first planet able to orbit – even – around three stars!
We are used to think that all planetary systems are like ours: with only one central star, regular and a bit flat. In reality, most stars are born in clusters of two or more stars, which makes the formation of planetary systems much more chaotic. So what happens in these cases? Well, everything obviously gets complicated…
Let’s go see why!
Surely you too, as a child or teenager, loved Star Wars and its alien settings madly. Like for example… the one where Luke meditates on the future in front of the sunset of the two Suns that warm Tatooine, his home planet… It is such a unique scene because of that incredible sunset which reminds us of how alien the world Luke enhabits is to ours.
But, very recent news tells us that, probably, in our cosmic neighborhood there is a star system that is even more spectacular than Tatooine’s.

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