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BYPASS iCLOUD iPad 4 wifi on MacOS CATALINA/BIGSUR with Sliver 6.0

Want to reach the home screen of your unactivated iPad 4?

Got a newer MacOS version like Catalina or Big Sur?

This video shows you exactly how to enter DFU mode after the restore, run the checkm8 exploit, load an SSH ramdisk, and delete Setup.app.

Don’t have Mac?

Don’t have Windows? No problem! Restore on Mac with iTunes/Finder


Question: Can I restart, reboot, or power off?

Answer: YES. This method is UNTETHERED!

Question: Can I restore?

Answer: After the bypass is complete, you CAN erase all content and settings, but CANNOT iTunes restore. If you restore, you will need to rebypass.

Question: Can I update?

Answer: Not possible! iOS 10.3.3 is already the latest version.

Question: How can I transfer music, movies, and games to my device?

Answer: Use A6 FactoryActivation in Sliver. You will need to re-enter DFU mode and reload the ramdisk, then return the to FactoryActivation page and Relay Device Info, Mount the Filesystem, and install preActivation files. Watch my explanation at the end of the video.

Question: How can I sign into iCloud?

Answer: After FactoryActivation, you can sign into iCloud. See the previous answer.

Question: How can I jailbreak with H3lix?

Answer: After FactoryActivation, you can sideload h3lix IF you have a Apple Developer Program Account on your Apple ID. Anyone can sign up at developer.apple.com/enroll, it costs $99 for 100 iPads for 1 year. After you have a Dev Account, plug your iPad into the computer, use 3uTools or iTunes to fetch the UDID, register it at developer.apple.com under Devices and Certificates, then go to appleid.apple.com and generate an app specific password. Click trust this computer, then open Cydia Impactor and use it to sideload H3lix.ipa, type your Apple ID and App Specific password. H3lix will install on the home screen of your iPad 4!

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