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The Fastest Star Moves At 8% The Speed Of Light

We all know planets orbit around their host star. Some of them go faster than others, and all of this depends on how distant they are from the star.
For example, Jupiter travels at an average velocity of 13.7 kilometres per hour in its orbit around the Sun, while the Earth at about 29.78 km per hour.
But have you ever wondered what is the average velocity of a star?
Even if lesser than planets, stars could be very different from each other.
A lot of them are giants, some others are dwarfs. Some of them are very dense, while others have a big radius, but it’s just because the gas they’re made of has a low density.
Said so, how do we measure the velocity of a star?
Follow me in this video to get to know the answer to these questions, and to hear more about the fastest star in the Milky Way. Spoiler: it goes faster than you can imagine.

Not a long time ago, we spotted the fastest star in the Milky Way.
Shortly, it travels at 8% of the speed of light.
This means its average velocity is about…24.000 km per second, or 15.000 miles per second.

The star is dubbed S4714, but, from now on we will call it “Bolt”, just to make this video less boring!

Bolt survives in the extreme environment at the centre of our galaxy.
He’s orbiting an unusual object, a very peculiar one, its majesty Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole of the Milky Way.

As we said, on its journey it reaches a speed of 8 per cent of the speed of light, but what if I told you that is not even the most amazing thing about it?

In fact, Bolt is a weird type of star, it’s a squeezar.

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