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Space News/ Updates ( James Webb, China News, Mars News & A Surprising Discovery)

A new launch date for the Webb Telescope: it should start on December 12! On September 8, NASA announced that it had set a new planned launch date for the James Webb Space Telescope. It is December 18, 2021. It’s another slight delay from the October 31 originally set, but it’s an expected delay and all in all a minor one. The new date also won’t necessarily be the final one, but the closer we get, the more any delays will be reduced.

China wants to build a space facility (A spaceship? An orbital station? It’s unclear…) that is “kilometers” long!

It’s no secret that China has become a major contender when it comes to spaceflight. In the past twenty years, the China National Space Agency has accomplished some historic firsts.
Discovered the celestial object that comes closest to the Sun!

Two astronomers of the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, in Chile, have recently made an extraordinary discovery. In fact, on the evening of August 13, they were able, completely by chance, to photograph the track of what would later prove to be the asteroid with the shortest orbital period of any known so far.
Latest from Mars
The Martian helicopter successfully completed its thirteenth mission last Sunday, Sept. 2, flying at 3.3 meters per second at low altitude to collect detailed images of the South Seítah region, the Jezero crater area that Ingenuity and Perseverance are scouting.
Not good news… Greenhouses probably won’t work on Mars because of cosmic radiation. Even the plants will have to live underground…

Mars is a lifeless wasteland for more than one reason. Not only are the temperatures and lack of water difficult for life to deal with, the lack of a magnetic field means radiation constantly pummels the surface.

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