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Something Weird Is Happening on Moon’s Far Side

When we look at the Moon, we only see its one side. The other lunar hemisphere, known as the far side, or the dark side of the Moon, is always hidden from us.

In 1969, the Apollo 10 astronauts heard something unusual on the far side of the Moon. Apollo 10 lost contact with the mission control and started receiving a mysterious radio signal. This signal could not be from the Earth because Apollo was on the far side of the Moon, and no one on the planet could see or contact them. The astronauts heard the spooky sounds for about an hour until they emerged to the side of the Moon facing the Earth. However, the astronauts did not report this to the mission control because they were scared and thought they would be grounded on mental health issues.

For more than four decades, people believed that the mission went according to the plan. There was nothing weird about it. Then, finally, the incident came to light when the recorded transcripts were declassified. Now the question that everyone wanted an answer to was, What was there on the Moon’s far side? Was someone really trying to contact the astronauts? What was the source of the unusual sounds?

Before answering all these intriguing questions, let’s see what’s there on the far side of the Moon.

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