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NASA’s INSANE Nuclear Rocket to Visit Mars IN DAYS

NASA’s INSANE Nuclear Rocket to Visit Mars IN DAYS.
traveling to Mars isn’t going to be easy. There’s a reason why humans have never explored the red planet, while only a few lucky and expensive landers have. The trip to and from Mars is long, dangerous, and more challenging than any space mission humans have ever undertaken so far.

There are plenty of challenges lurking in the deep reaches of space that make a journey to Mars oh so difficult. For one, humans just aren’t used to being in space for so long. A roundtrip mission to Mars would last an astonishing 21 months: nine months to get there, three months on the planet, and another nine to get back.

Every single second spent traveling to Mars can be easily translated into energy, fuel, and money. It will cost thousands of dollars a second just to get to the red planet. When you think of it that way, and when you think of the damage that all that time in deep space can do to a human body, you understand the fear and hesitation some have when thinking of traveling to other planets.

But what if there were a faster way to get there? What if a trip to Mars didn’t have to take a whopping 21 months? What if all that time – and money – could be saved by a much shorter and safer voyage?

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