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Nasa’s DART Mission Deflected An Asteroid For The First Time!

This is how we managed to deflect an ASTEROID! DART MISSION

For the first time in history, an asteroid has been deflected; no, it is not a science fiction movie; it is the DART mission, a spacecraft that intentionally collided with an asteroid to change its orbit.
Do you want to know how he did it and what possible consequences it could bring to earth?

Let’s start! “Introduction”

On September 26 of this year, NASA put the DART mission to the test; this space mission consisted of a 610 kg spacecraft that did not have any payload, that is, unlike other missions such as space exploration probes that carry several essential scientific instruments, the DART mission had as its sole objective to hit an asteroid.
In addition to the spacecraft, the mission also had on board a small CubeSat; these are small cubic ships that are intended to monitor a particular event; in this case, the CubeSat installed by the Italian Space Agency had the purpose of trying to acquire images of the impact and ejecta as it passes by the asteroid and then sends that information to earth.
The DART mission took off on November 24, 2021, from the Vandenberg space base in the United States aboard a Falcon 9, and traveled approximately 1 million kilometers for one year to reach its target, the binary asteroid Didymos.

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