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NASA Finally Contacts Voyager 2 Again After A Year of Silence

How far in space do you think we could travel in the span of 44 years? The answer? 11 billion miles! That is how long Voyager 2 has been traveling in the vast infinite of space, and you will not believe just how much our little space scout has learned in its travels.

Equipped with a multitude of scientific instruments, Voyager 2 is more than capable of giving us a play-by-play of its journey through the stars.
Let’s start with the info we got from our solar system. While our advanced telescopes can observe our neighbor planets from the Earth, it doesn’t compare to being up close and personal with them.

That’s where the voyager missions come in. We knew there were gas giants and there were terrestrial planets. We could see that Saturn had rings.

We could tell that Jupiter was massive and had many moons, but that was about it. There was only so much to study through the lens of a telescope a million miles away. So what did we do? We sent a traveler to go see it for themselves. Voyagers….

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