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NASA Designs a Motor That Can Approach the Speed of Light but Also Breaks the Laws of Physics!

Stephen Hawking gave us some urgent advice. The astrophysicist, who died in 2018, stated that the survival of mankind could only be ensured by moving to another celestial body. According to him, colonizing other planets would prevent our species from becoming extinct in the long run.

The problem: With our current technical means, it is simply not possible for us to colonize an alien celestial body in a timely manner. Such an undertaking would take several centuries – countless generations would be condemned to spend their lives aboard a spaceship.

But fortunately, the status quo is not set in stone: Experts are already looking for new technologies to give space travel of the future an unprecedented boost in speed. And indeed, some scientists have already come up with breathtaking concepts in this regard.

These include not only a propulsion system that does not require fuel, but also a technology that is supposed to enable us to travel faster than the speed of light! But what are the backgrounds of these groundbreaking ideas? How likely is it that they will one day become reality?

We want to take a closer look at this exciting topic today!

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