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Incredible… One More Big Impact On Jupiter!

In mid-September, another asteroid plunged into the thick atmosphere of the giant of the Solar System, disintegrating in a flash of light. Since 1994, the year of the first incredible collision, that of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. This is Another Big impact On Jupiter.

This is the eighth event that testifies to the ability of Jupiter to attract comets and small asteroids. A phenomenon numerically in continuous ascent thanks to the always better techniques of digital shooting…
A phenomenon that deserves to be told in all its historical path.

It is September 13. In Brazil, the sun has just set. For many astronomy enthusiasts, it is the beginning of an observing night like many others.
Jupiter is on the eastern horizon, about 25° high. José Luis Pereira, an astrophotographer from São Caetano do Sul, just south of São Paulo, begins to capture the planet in high resolution with his 275 mm diameter reflector telescope. As he has been doing since 2004, when he began a methodical monitoring activity of the gas giant.
The evening offers the meridian passage of the great red spot, but the seeing is not constant. After a few good images, the conditions worsen and the shots become muddy and poor in detail, so that the temptation comes to disassemble everything and go to bed waiting for better nights.
So the acquisition of footage is interrupted and the mouse moves the cursor to the button that would turn off the computer, but for some reason, Jose hesitates … and it is by chance, intuition, or simple dedication, he decides not to click, but to give himself another half hour of waiting.

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