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Bad News For The 3 Artemis Missions

There is euphoria for the Artemis program, praise is being sung for the Space Launch System rocket, and plans are being made for the moves that should soon put man back on the Moon. For next November, then, the departure of the Artemis I mission is being prepared. This will be the second unmanned test flight of the Orion capsule and the first launch of the rocket. A mission of extraordinary importance and long duration (three weeks), which after half a century from Apollo 17 will bring a NASA vehicle to circumnavigate the Moon

Officially, yes… NASA is still holding on to the possibility of a 2021 launch date for the debut flight of its Space Launch System rocket. In early September, in fact, a spokesman for the agency publicly stated that “NASA is working towards a launch for the Artemis I mission by the end of this year”.

However, several unofficial sources are certain that the Artemis I mission will not depart until next spring, also assuming a likely shift to next summer. The space agency, in fact, according to the same sources would already be delayed by about two months compared to the targets that it had set for testing and for integration of the rocket at the Kennedy Space Center; and pre-flight tests still seem to be beyond coming… Recall then that, to aggravate the situation, there is also the slowdown in the development of the Human Landing System, the vehicle that will carry the crew of Artemis III from lunar orbit to the surface.

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