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Artemis 1: En Route To The Moon Again, But This Time To Stay There!

More than fifty years later, with Artemis 1 we are preparing again to make this incredible crossing. We are going to the moon to stay there.

From Launch Complex 39B at Kennedy Space Center is in fact about to be launched Artemis 1, which in addition to being the first mission of the Artemis program, will also be the first flight for both the heavy Space Launch System and the Orion capsule.

Precisely because of the need to still test these means, onboard Artemis 1 there will be no astronauts. As a result, life support, displays, and control instrumentation have been removed from the capsule. In its place have been inserted sensors and scientific instruments capable of detecting every single parameter inside the capsule, such as radiation levels, pressures, and temperatures.

Onboard, however, there will be dummies, on which sensors are placed to monitor all the levels of radiation they will undergo. The name chosen for the main dummy (“Commander Moonikin Campos“) pays homage to the famous engineer of the Apollo 13 mission, the one who played a key role in bringing back safely to Earth the astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise, after an explosion in the service module not only thwarted the moon landing but also put a strain on the simple re-entry.

Moonikin Campos will wear the same spacesuit that will be used by the astronauts and will be equipped with a series of sensors that can measure several useful parameters, such as the values of acceleration during the various phases of the trip, the vibrations to which the crew members will be subjected and the level of radiation.

Campos will not be alone, to keep him company there will be Zolgar and Helga, two human torsos similar to those normally used for simulations of ballistic trauma.

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