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A recent study indicates that ‘warp drives’ could potentially become a reality in the future.

The model we’ve created here serves the purpose of objectifying the concept of warp drives — an idea that was until now solely the subject of sci-fi

Artist’s conception of what moving at the speed of light might look like. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

A new study provides some possible and logical theoretic grounds to warp drives and seems to make the development for humanity a plausible one.

Sci-Fi fans – especially the one who is very much into the “Star Trek” series – are well astuted with the idea of warp drives. These theoretical engines are able to modify the actual structure of space-time by distorting in front of the ship volume and inversely ending behind it. It subsequently generates a spatial “warp bubble,” so called because its warping effect is similar to that of the space around an object being shifted out to allow for incredibly high speeds — even, in some imaginations, greater than the speed of light.

In year 1994, for the first time, Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre established a highly regarded report proposing the true working principles of a real life warp drive. This exciting development came with a major caveat, however: The “Alcubierre drive” was the proposed solution but it required negative energy, an exotic material that possibly exists or using some dark energy for pulling the universe actuation that is called “accelerated expansion”.

In conjunction with B. T. may Poole with the spending on the education is not a big concern , the role of the educational attainment as well as diversifying the employment option is very crucial. Previously, a paper had been close to its publication, implying the need for negative energy to be drawn from a fluctuating vacuum, the same journal now suggests a possibility of the warp drive that does not demand exotic negative energy.

“We are unlocking a new gateway for space travel, opening up new possibilities,” Jared Fuchs of the University of Alabama, Huntsville and the research think tank Applied Physics said in a press release. “If we have managed to construct the strategy here described, these hypathetic structures might not be restricted to science fiction writing anymore. ”

We are working with an “a complex mixture of classic and innovative gravitational techniques which make possible the creation of the matter-warp that can be used to transport objects at fast speeds, albeit obeying the known physical laws. ” – Statement.

Therefore, realizing that the theory probably goes way beyond our understanding; a part of the article’s introduction, for example, shows that “solution entails connecting a stable matter shell with a kind of shift vector distribution that closely matches to some very well-known models of a warp drive, for instance, the Alcubierre metric. ”

Coming closer to faster-than-light travel was not possible for our engine design. The statement only spoke about “high but subluminal speeds” making it a false hope and potential illusion.

This study is a single model study after this go a little crazy. Apart from other research team eventually duplicating the math reported in the new study which may seem plausible, it is still far from being able to develop an actual warp drive.

Fuch aoun and his squad seem to admit to this fact, apparently regarding their job only as a small part of the huge journey that may lead to interstellar travel.

“Although we are not yet targeting interstellar journeys with the present research, it is a new start of magnificent achievements. ” Announced Gianni Martire, the CEO of Applied Physics in the given statement. “We are on a perpetual path to convergence as mankind begins the Warp Age of travel.

The team has the paper (posterior) published online on April 26. It is available here, except for the abstract, which is behind a paywall. The free version is found at arXiv.org

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