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A NASA Space Probe Discovers a Huge Wall at the Edge of the Solar System!

The universe fascinates us not least because of its infinite widths. Inside the universe there is room for countless planets and celestial bodies, which far exceed our imagination with their gigantic number.

But is the thesis of infinite space really unassailable? The discovery of the NASA space probes New Horizon’s and Voyager 2 could give cause to rethink the generally accepted picture of the never-ending universe.

But what exactly did the spacecraft discover in the gigantic expanses of space?

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1.6k share, 332 points

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  1. Actually, at least since Einstein’s general theory, no respectable scientist believes that the universe is infinite. Quite the obvious, most believe that the universe is finite in all dimensions including space and time.

    1. We already can see the boundary of the universe when we view a black holes accretion disk. There the universe we know with space time ends for at that accretion point all matters structural coherence ceases to exist, time slows and then ends, and then the universe we know ceases. There is no time, there is no matter nor structure of it, there only is a brief conversion to energy but even that enters the abyss of nothingness from whence nothing escapes back to the boundary of the universes edge. Hawking radiation is not sourced from beyond the accretion disk it is a product of the collapse of matter and the cessation of spacetimes edge. Transition that and there is nothing. How much energy can this wondrous ball of assimilation contain, how long until it once again spews forth an ever expanding universe of space time and matter.