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The first-ever ‘image’ of hidden dark matter, which acts as a bridge between galaxies, has been successfully captured by scientists.

We’re finally witnessing our lost universe.

Seeing the Unseeable

The idea of dark matter came from experience because when considering only the visible universe, it totally cannot account for them and the way they work. To counteract gravity, the amount that is needed for holding together the galaxies cannot be accomplished by visible matter. To fill this gap, scientists have coined the concept of dark matter, a material that is inconspicuous in the sense that it cannot be seen to glow or reflect or transmute light.

To maintain the effectiveness of current scientific theories, dark matter has to be attributed to the existence of more than a quarter of the total substances of the whole galaxy. On the other hand, the nature of dark matter is still elusive, and the evidence of any particular form of matter that cannot be seen is inherently difficult to present. Laboratories earlier used the gravity impact evidence for dark matter, but now persons from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada have found a solution. That they have come up with a single image of the subject having used a method known as weak gravitational lensing of pictures that has been taken over a few years. This picture is a montage of this post and another and it proves that indeed galaxies are bound together with dark matter.

The Researchers employed in excess of 23,235 galaxies which are paired and located 4 ‘. 25 million light years to build this picture with a blend of these extraordinary galaxies Entire galaxies were assembled from gases, stars and light-years reaching up to 5 billion light years away to construct this composite image.

Credit: S. Epps & M. Hudson / University of Waterloo

This is a dramatic discovery into the world of dark matter, which opens wider doors to solve enigmas of the universe.

The Missing Universe

A great number of studies conducted over a period of years help predict dark-matter filaments between galaxies, where they are tied by a sort of web-like structure. This helps to bring something tangible to this hitherto essentially directional phenomenon and allows us to examine and gauge this effect. The picture is essential to proving the existence of dark matter and dark energy, mainly, as some researchers present theory that can do without the dark matter existence. With the help of these observations and the ideas of dark matter, we continue to come closer to the explanation of the multi-faceted structure of the cosmos. The question about existence is huge and complex, it seems like there is no answer and it has a lot of turns, but every time we build at least one piece into another, we are moving step by step towards the revelation of the truth.

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