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The clearest shot a photographer has ever taken of Jupiter was created from 600,000 photos.

“Viewing Jupiter never gets old. It is a magnificent planet,” astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy said of his sharpest photo yet.

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy of Arizona captured this stunning view of Jupiter by stacking 600,000 images of the planet to create his sharpest view ever. See more of McCarthy’s images on Instagram. (Image credit: Andrew McCarthy/https://www.instagram.com/cosmic_background/)

While a picture of Jupiter may be worth a thousand words, what if there were five hundred thousand?

Veteran astronomer Andrew McCarthy of Arizona, who just captured his greatest picture of the huge planet, presented this magnificent image of Jupiter on September 17. But what you’re actually seeing is a compilation of hundreds of thousands of photos, not just one.

“After spending all night shooting around 600,000 photos of it, I’m thrilled to show you my sharpest Jupiter shot so far,” McCarthy wrote on Twitter(opens in new tab) while sharing the image on Sept. 17. “This was captured using an 11″ telescope and a camera I usually use for deep sky work.” You can see more of McCarthy’s photos on his Instagram page @cosmic_background as well as his astrophotography website


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The effects of McCarthy’s use of software to combine various photographs captured during a night sky photography session are breathtaking. He spent months taking a “ridiculously detailed” photograph of the moon using a similar approach. He claimed that Jupiter is always a good target for his camera lens.

“Jupiter’s view never gets old. It is a beautiful planet “McCarthy stated in a statement to Space.com. And although though there were a lot of images taken, it went by very quickly since I was taking them at a rate of roughly 80 per second. He stated that it took roughly two hours to take all of the pictures.

McCarthy said, “Conditions were excellent that night, so I was able to see the planet in considerably more detail than normal, which was quite thrilling.”

This is astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy’s full view of Jupiter created from 600,000 images stacked to create an ultra-sharp view. ” (Image credit: Andrew McCarthy/https://www.instagram.com/cosmic_background/)

The ideal opportunity to watch Jupiter this year is on September 26, when it will be in opposition for the year 2022. It appears as a brilliant light in the eastern night sky to the unassisted eye.

Jupiter will be 59 years away from Earth when the planet is in opposition this year. The distance between it and Earth will be 367 million miles (591 million kilometers), which will be the closest since 1963.

Check out our recommendations to the best telescopes and binoculars to spot Jupiter and other celestial sights if you want to gain a better view of the huge planet in the future and are searching for equipment to support your efforts.


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