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NASA’s Solar Heliospheric Observatory has detected two massive objects that appear to be extracting energy from our Sun.

Numerous videos of the event were captured and widely shared globally. Despite government officials’ attempts to delete them, the footage had already spread, prompting UFO organizations’ prominent figures to unite and emphasize the importance of investigating the finding. According to them, the discovery reveals information that NASA has concealed from the public.

The initial sighting was a collective discovery by several individuals on the internet, who spotted a sphere situated just outside the Sun’s immediate vicinity. However, that wasn’t the only finding. Several months later, another UFO enthusiast claimed to have made a much more notable revelation, having identified another UFO visible in the same image.

The appearance of the second UFO in the image surprised everyone who had seen it and contradicted NASA’s interpretation of the incident. According to them, the coronal cavity connected to the filament was no longer plausible in light of the second object’s proximity to the Sun. So what is the spherical object? It is a planet-sized UFO that is unlike anything ever seen before. It is said to be larger than our planet and seems to be gathering plasma from the Sun’s corona, essentially nibbling away at it and siphoning energy for their ships. Another recent discovery was made by Scott C. Waring, who once again appears to have proven NASA wrong. He challenged the space agency face-to-face during their annual meeting, questioning their latest denial of the existence of UFOs.

The Solar Heliospheric Observatory initially captured the image without any technical issues, indicating that it was not a glitch but rather an attempt to censor a UFO in space. According to Scott, this was done to conceal an alien ship that was collecting plasma energy from the Sun. NASA did not censor the subsequent images, which clearly show a massive UFO extracting plasma energy from the Sun and utilizing it as fuel.

Watch the two videos below and tell us what you think.



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2.1k shares, 371 points


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