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For the first time, a “hibernating” black hole lurking near Earth was discovered

Known as the “black hole police,” a group of scientists has found a large, clearly visible object lurking in the depths of the Milky Way galaxy just outside of it.
The Mysterio’s black hole is just 160,000 light years away, which is a significant distance, even though it is beyond the galaxy that surrounds the Earth’s Milky Way (the Milky Way), according to the Daily Mail. HMAs are tiny, but it’s too close to a black hole for comfort.

A group of scientists from several renowned institutions and schools for astronomical study, such as the Harvard and Smithsonian Centers for Astrophysics in the United States and the European Southern Observatory (ESO), including the Very Telescope, are responsible for the finding. a significant country in Chile,

This black hole, which has a mass at least nine times that of our sun and orbits a star like a planet, is a disgrace. It is absolutely invisible because it is “hibernating,” which means that it ceases working and eating.

Black holes are only extremely dense objects; hence, with that mass, they only have a diameter of around 27 km.

It is known as a “stellar-mass black hole” at that size since it is just a few to several times as massive as stars. It originated from a huge star that had totally disintegrated.

The most famous is the supermassive black hole, also known as the mother black hole, like the item that is at the center of our galaxy. The black hole universe also contains medium-sized black holes, a sort of entity that has appeared out of nowhere.

A star and Mysterio’s black hole are in a stable orbit around one another. Image credit: ESO

According to Science Alert, the newly detected black hole may be located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a Milky Way satellite galaxy that is thought to be on course to collide with Earth in a few billion years. agaiп.

Scientists can only conceptualize the black hole through the light emitted by the matter it ingests since it is not luminiferous. Since this black hole doesn’t absorb light, making it entirely visible, it is even harder to find.

But its companion, a famous person, has disclosed the location of the mysterios. The behavior of the two objects orbiting something observable indicates the existence of the black hole.

The study has just been pυblished in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy.

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