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Einstein’s Mistake Has a Revolutionary Implication | Quantum Eraser

The quantum eraser is a thought experiment in quantum mechanics that demonstrates the counterintuitive nature of quantum mechanics.

In the experiment, a pair of entangled photons are sent through a double-slit experiment. One of the photons passes through a pair of polarizers which determines the polarization state of the photon. The other photon is sent through a maze-like setup with two possible paths that eventually converge at the same double-slit as the first photon. The paths that the second photon can take are such that it is impossible to determine which path it took before reaching the double-slit.

When the first photon is measured, the polarization state of the second photon is “erased,” meaning that it is no longer indeterminate and can be measured. This erasure effect is observed even if the second photon has already passed through the double-slit and has seemingly already “decided” which path it took.

The quantum eraser experiment highlights the wave-particle duality of photons and the non-locality of entangled particles, which are fundamental features of quantum mechanics. It also demonstrates that the act of measurement can have a profound effect on the behavior of particles, challenging our classical intuition about the nature of reality.

Can you travel backwards in time? Quantum Eraser experiment says yes.

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